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Metal more found in the lowest energy level in nature is provided to human used having purified the oxide by laboring over. These metals of which energy levels are raised interact with the environment and turn back to their status in nature and this is called corrosion process.

There is a highly significant phenomenon to protect corrosion; corrosion may be highly prevented when the right protection method is chosen and applied thoroughly. Knowing the protection methods of corrosion, choosing the most suitable one among them and applying it appropriately means an efficient and protective care.

The problem of corrosion is getting more serious as a main problem of industry and accordingly fighting against corrosion is getting an inevitable necessity. However, it should be taken into consideration that corrosion is a natural phenomenon which cannot be exterminated entirely.

The aim of fighting against corrosion is to take preservative precautions and make any construction stand as long as possible.

Our firm dealing with corrosion control operates in the domestic and overseas projects with its experienced and qualified engineers. Some of the work which has been carried out in accordance with international NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) proved the importance that our firm attaches to the quality. Armin has been carrying out projects with domestic and international companies that are experts in the field of corrosion for the good supply and special techniques. Epoxy and polyurethane coating applications, corrosion consulting, training programs and seminars are the services of our firm. Our firm improves field applications of cathodic protection, covering and painting applied in corrosion control with its expanding machine parks. Our references in the field of petro chemistry give us a chance to see our future hopefully.

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